Provide content that helps artists reach their full potential.


Music for Rhymes (MFR) is an online artist development platform that helps anyone learn the skills needed to achieve artistics goals. Through packages and subscriptions, members will have access to video content administered by industry experts, one-on-one feedback, consumer focus groups, and a variety of instrumentals.


At the moment, we have four key components that drive our artist development platform and provide the most value to artists:

  1. Content: video content on areas critical to thrive as an aspiring artist in any industry. A sample of topics includes: delivery and flow, rhyme structure, brand development, marketing tactics, live performance, creating songs that resonate, and more.
  2. Personal Coaching: live one-on-one sessions or written feedback on current songs and style. Plus coaching on authenticity and developing one’s brand.
  3. Listener Feedback: engagement and feedback from real music fans. We recruit listeners and you get real measures on engagement plus survey-based feedback.
  4. Instrumentals/Beats: Instrumentals & beats are the foundation of every song. We provide these to help you create songs and practice over.


The Hendrix Brothers are original, prolific, and influential underground producers in Hip Hop Soul music.  A slight enigma to their immediate community they have always possessed a remarkable talent for music.  Guided by their father’s virtuous music ability and experienced jazz background, they found energy and hope within their distinguished roots and traveled roads. In 1996 The Hendrix Brothers emerged.  They performed around the metropolitan Detroit area as Ill Phenom featuring B.I.Z. the Messenger and Edividual and mastered their craft by producing songs for local artists.  With tons of tracks and instrumental albums to their name, it is time for the rest of the world to heed “The Mood, The Style, The Music, The Hendrix Brothers.”