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Industry Experts

Martin “Maestro” Connor – Head of Artist Development

Martin “The Rap Maestro” Connor is a musician and writer from Philadelphia, PA. His work has appeared on HipHopDX, Complex, Pigeons and Planes, XXL, The Source, BET, and MTV. He’s also released multiple books on rap, including The Artistry Of Rap Music (McFarland Press, 2018). The Editor-in-Chief at www.RapAnalysis.com, he also “murdered it dead” (The New York Times) in a series of Vox videos on rapper’s songwriting skills, Kanye West’s use of the human voice, and the Migos triplet flow, which he knows you almost definitely saw, even if you act like you didn’t. Maestro has been teaching music lessons in rap, voice, piano, guitar, and songwriting for over a decade, having appeared on tracks with both Rone and Jean Grae. His last project, “Maestro—The EP,” will be performed in its entirety at a Boston music festival in April 2018. He holds a B.A. in Music from Duke University and an M.A. in musicology from Brandeis University. 

He welcomes all freestyles at mepc36@gmail.com.




Jamall Bufford; formerly known as Buff1 - World Renown Artist

It's not about keeping it real, or being true to the game - it’s about being true to Jamall Bufford. Seasoned mic veteran Jamall Bufford; formerly known as Buff1, has a commanding presence on and off stage, which has earned him a die-hard fanbase. Whether rocking a party anthem, a political burner or a soulful banger, one thing is certain - Jamall Bufford consistently delivers. 

Twenty years after Athletic Mic League (AML) came together as teenagers, the men that filled out its roster spent over a decade perfecting their lyrical skills and writing, working out the most athletically trained stage performances and opening for hip-hop’s elite acts. AML shared the stage with Eminem, Mos Def, De La Soul, Slum Village, Jurassic 5, Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Little Brother and Ghostface Killah to name a few, always capturing the attention and respect of the large, often cynical audiences. Following the underground success of, the other six members approached Bufford with a new plan: it was time to bring him to the forefront as a solo artist.

In 2007, Bufford officially became a respected solo act with the release of his critically acclaimed debut Pure. Real Detroit Weekly crowned Bufford “Best Solo Rap Artist of 2007.” Okayplayer gave Pure 4.5/5 afros, exclaiming “This album, my friends, is incredible... classic like Thriller jackets”. Bufford has since gone on to join forces with The Black Opera, Rap's first performing arts group. The Black Opera has toured the world and released 5 studio albums. When they're not focusing on music, they're leading youth workshops on writing, recording, and hip hop culture.