Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I download my files instantly after I gain access or receive in an email?

Yes, you can download your files by logging into Music for Rhymes and downloading them from the relative pages. If we've sent you a link through  email, feel free to click and download.


  1. How do I purchase a subscription?

Select “Join Us.”

Review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at the bottom of the site.

Create an account and confirm through the email.

Select subscription you would like.

Enter your billing information, then click "Start your subscription."

You have successfully purchased a subscription.


  1. What are the terms of license for beats on Music for Rhymes?

You can click the Terms of Use and read the license details.


  1. Am I paying for beats?

No. You are paying for access to the Music for Rhymes platform that helps aspiring artists reach their full potential.


  1. Can I make a “return” after purchasing a subscription?

No, all sales are final and we do not offer any returns. All subscriptions on our site are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please make sure you select the subscription before purchase.


  1. Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription? What’s the process?

Yes. While you’re a subscriber, you won’t be able to upgrade to any higher membership tier or downgrade to any lower tier. If you would like to move to a higher or lower membership tier, you will first need to cancel your subscription and then return to Music for Rhymes to upgrade your account.

  1. What is a beat?

A project created when a “person sells or leases the beat to an artist before ideas, lyrics, arrangements, etc. are done. This person has no influence on how the record turns out or the direction of the project.”


  1. What is production?

A project created when a producer has “overall creative and technical control of the entire recording project and the individual recording sessions that are a part of that project. He or she is present in the recording studio or at the location recording and works directly with the artist and engineer. The producer makes creative and aesthetic decisions that realize both the artist’s and label’s goals in the creation of musical content. Other duties include but are not limited to: keeping budgets and schedules, adhering to deadlines, hiring musicians, singers, studios and engineers, overseeing other staffing needs, and editing (Classical projects). “


  1. Does Music for Rhymes provide beats or production?

Music for Rhymes provides licenses beats donated by The Hendrix Brothers, LLC.


  1. Who is responsible for clearance of audio samples in the beats if they are used to make money?

3rd party sample clearance is the responsibility of the user or subscriber of Music for Rhymes.


  1. If I want production, who should I contact?

Please contact The Hendrix Brothers at